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At Fedele Jewelworks, we pride ourselves on exceptional service. Our team comprises of experienced Diamond and Gemstone consultants who will carefully guide you through the extensive process of selecting the perfect stone.

There are many factors involved in selecting a Diamond or Gemstone. These factors in the case of diamonds, have been broken down into four categories to help you best define the most important aspects.

These four categories are Cut, Carat Weight, Colour and Clarity, universally known as the four C'S.

We regard cut as one of the most important of the four C's as cut is what governs a Diamonds sparkle. A Diamond is cut with certain angles and proportions so that when light hits the stone it reflects through the different angles and bounces off the facets to create a fire and brilliance in the stone.

Carat Weight
Diamonds and Gemstones are measured by their weight. The weight is measured in carats. One Carat equals 100 points.


Most diamonds possess varying degrees of yellow or brown. Small subtle differences in color can make a substantial difference to the price. If a diamond is well cut, the diamond's refraction and dispersion can often disguise certain degrees of coloration. A Diamond's colour is graded using an alphabet scale starting at D being exceptional white (colourless). D coloured Diamonds are rare and extremely sought after. Here at Fedele Jewellery our most sought after colours are at the top of the spectrum from D (exceptional white) through to G (rare white) depending on our customer’s criteria and budget.

Clarity is the evaluation of a diamond's internal and external characteristics. A stone with fewer inclusions and blemishes is considered more desirable. Inclusions are internal, that is, inside the stone.

The Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A) breaks the description of inclusions into four categories: Crystal, Feather, Needle and Natural. Surface reaching inclusions are usually kept to a minimum by the cutters.


Clarity grades are described as follows:

IF (Internally flawless) no inclusions or blemishes
VVS1 & VVS2 The stone has only microscopic inclusions.
VS1 The stone has slight inclusions which can only be seen through a jeweller's 10x loupe.
VS2 The inclusions are slightly more obvious but can still only be seen with a Jewellers 10x loupe.
SI1 The stone has a few more black or white inclusions but can only be seen with a jeweller's 10x loupe.
SI2 through to P3 or I3 Stones are more severely included as you go down the scale and depending on the cut of the stone, the inclusions and blemishes may be seen with the naked eye.


 Fancy a Fancy Cut?

We are not all the same or want the same things, so diamonds are cut in many different shapes to blend with and match the personality of the wearer. Below is a diagram showing some of the most popular shapes available. 



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