Covid 19 Control



Important please read before placing orders:

We are still assessing the impact of Covid Restrictions on our business.

There may be a delay in shipping. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

The following important information applies:

Until further notice, our hours of operation will change on a daily basis and when possible be by appointment.  On arrival at the store, Please Knock and wait to be let in.  Our numbers are as follows: 95250987  0403696955  0451923353.  Or email us through our contact us on this site.

2. If you are at all unwell, Please do not come to the store.  Instead, please arrange for shipping.

3. Wearing a mask inside in Victoria is mandatory.  If you do not have a mask when you come to the store, we will be unable to assist you.



We aim to ship purchases as soon as possible, however there may be a delay in your shipment which can often be out of our control during these difficult times.

We will at all times make as much effort as possible to get your purchase to you as soon as possible and will attempt to communicate any difficulties to you.

Stay Safe!


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